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Chillbaby is the temperature sensing, climate controlling, music playing, smart connected safety snuggle mat for car seats and strollers! After a meeting with the President of Chillbaby they described to us a problem they wanted to go about solving and shared a horrifying statistic that over 50 babies each year die after being left in hot cars and over 35,000 are admitted to hospital suffering from heat stroke.

We were tasked with developing and creating a solution to the problem and a product, then creating the brand, building the website, APP and digital marketing strategy for the first 12 months.

The Product

We set out a roadmap firstly to develop prototypes and technology that would solve the problem they had set but to take it further and develop a lifestyle product that not only had the potential to save lives but that could be used on a daily basis to keep babies comfortable and entertained as well as providing peace of mind to the parents.

We developed new technology which would providing accurate climate control (controllable by an APP) which would allow you to either warm or cool car seats, strollers or mats when at the beach or park. The SMART mat also had alerts and alarms if temperatures exceeded or dropped below certain parameters

The Brand

The brand creation was very much one of positive messaging and of the benefits of the product as opposed to playing on the dangers of not having the product. Due to budget restrictions and then need to make an immediate impact we wanted to create a highly engaging, amusing (think bad dad jokes) type of a brand to maximise the chances of creating viral content. Check out the website – www.chillbaby.cool


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