We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have launched and scaled businesses on a budget. Whether you have an idea and need help on getting started, designing and creating your product ready for market or already have a business and are looking for support to grow and scale we can help!

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A World of Opportunities

What we do and how we help

We follow a very simple system to ensure success and getting the business market ready! We specialize in physical products, from manufacturing support, factory selection, sampling and certification in the Far East to ensuring your sales model is set up. When it comes to working with global distributors, national retailers or direct to consumer we make sure we take the appropriate steps to make sure everything is in place, the story is engaging, and we secure the “Yes!” we need.

Fully responsive, High converting E-commerce platforms set up and optimised for maximum effect

We work with you to build sales and marketing strategies for fast organic growth.

Great idea for a product, no idea on where to start or how to get it made and to market? We can help!

Crowdfunding can be a great way to test the demand for your product and to build a loyal audience early on.

Highly effective Social Media strategies, Cross Collaborations & Influencer Marketing.


What our clients say

We are lucky enough to work with some amazing clients who we have helped launch and create amazing businesses! See some of their testimonials below!

Working with Start-up Factories we truly learnt how to utilise social media, grow our following, work with some incredible influencers and got our business on the right track!

Crystal Cole

“Working with Start-up Factory was amazing. They provided incredibly detailed analysis of my business before building an easy to follow marketing strategy and introduced me to some amazing contacts with transformed my business!

Jeffrey Baker

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Catherine Walker
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Growing your Business

Sustainable, scalable growth! Get the basics right and your business will grow bigger and faster!

A World of Opportunities

Utilising Global and regional distribution models allows you to grow without the restriction of cashflow.

Technology that helps you grow

For small companies it is critical to automate as much of the business as possible! The right Technology can accelerate your business!

Strategies for Success

Unlock your businesses potential and get in contact with us today for a chat about your goals and aspirations!

What have we done?

We are a team who have built and scaled businesses in multiple different industries. We have created and launched new innovative technology from conception to market in 5 months! launched a luggage business from $0 to $800k in 3 months! Successful Crowdfunding campaign of $144k and created viral social media campaigns gaining 25M views and over 55k shares! The strategy and lessons are very similar but we personalise to your business and build strategies that work!

A Dedicated personable team

Our team are all founders and entrepreneurs, we all work closely with our customers ensuring we build up strong relationships and increase our circle and network of contacts and partners. We work with early stage businesses to get them prepared and focused on the right path before introducing them to our network of contacts, whether Retailers, Journalists, Distributors or Manufacturers to ensure the best chance of success!

Accelerate your business!

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